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Ultrasound Specialist

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If you’d like to know the health or gender of your baby or you experience symptoms of a gynecological condition requiring treatment, the experienced OB/GYN providers at Aspen Medical Group, Inc. with locations in Corona, Riverside, and Moreno Valley, California, can help. They offer on-site ultrasounds to view your unborn baby or reproductive organs to optimize women’s health and wellness. Schedule an appointment with Aspen Medical Group, Inc. over the phone or use the online booking tool to find out if ultrasound is right for you.

Ultrasound Q & A

What is ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to allow your doctor to view internal organs and other pelvic or abdominal structures. They also use ultrasound to view your unborn baby without exposing you to radiation.

Is ultrasound right for me?

Your OB/GYN physician might recommend you undergo an ultrasound at certain points during your pregnancy to determine if your baby is growing and developing as it should. They can let you know if your unborn baby is a boy or girl. 

If you experience symptoms of a gynecological condition, such as abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, or severe cramping, an ultrasound helps your doctor diagnose your condition.

What should I expect during an ultrasound?

The experienced OB/GYN staff at Aspen Medical Group, Inc. offers onsite ultrasounds for added patient convenience. There’s no special preparation necessary before the procedure, and ultrasounds aren’t painful.

During an ultrasound imaging test, you lie on a comfortable exam table or chair. Your OB/GYN practitioner applies a special gel to your skin and moves a device called a transducer over your abdominal or pelvic area. The equipment emits sound waves that bounce off specific tissues in your body to produce images of internal organs or your unborn baby.

In some cases, your provider uses transvaginal ultrasound. During this type of ultrasound procedure, they insert a tiny transducer into your vagina to get a better look at your ovaries and uterus. 

Ultrasounds generally last about 20-60 minutes, depending on the type of ultrasound you require and the size of the treatment area.

What happens after the procedure?

Because ultrasound is noninvasive, you can resume your everyday routine right after the procedure. Your doctor discusses the results with you and lets you know if they spot anything alarming in your or your unborn baby. If so, you might require OB/GYN treatment, such as medications or a minimally invasive procedure.

If you’re due for an ultrasound because you’re pregnant or experience symptoms of a gynecological condition, you can trust the expert OB/GYN team at Aspen Medical Group, Inc., with your care. Schedule an appointment with the practice over the phone or use the online booking tool today.