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Vaccinations Specialist

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Receiving vaccinations helps prevent serious, sometimes life-threatening diseases. If you or your child is due for a vaccination or you’d like to learn more about vaccines, the experienced family practice physicians at Aspen Medical Group, Inc. with locations in Corona, Riverside, and Moreno Valley, California, are here for you. They offer routine vaccinations for men, women, pregnant women, and children as part of their preventive medicine services. Schedule an appointment with Aspen Medical Group, Inc. by phone, or request an appointment online to learn more about your options.

Vaccinations Q & A

What are vaccinations?

Vaccinations, or immunizations, are shots containing germs that are weak or not living. After receiving vaccines, your body responds by building immunity to specific illnesses to help you and your children avoid potentially life-threatening diseases.

Which vaccines are available?

Your Aspen Medical Group, Inc. provider offers a wide array of vaccinations for men, women, pregnant women, and children. Vaccines that are right for you or your child depend on their age and risk factors. Options include:

  • Chickenpox and shingles
  • Diphtheria
  • Flu
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella
  • Meningococcal and pneumococcal
  • Polio and rotavirus
  • Tetanus
  • Whooping cough

Some diseases that vaccines prevent you from contracting are dangerous or life-threatening for babies, young children, older adults, and other population groups with weaker immune systems.

What should I expect when receiving a vaccine?

Routine vaccinations are available during sick visits and women’s, men’s, or child wellness exams. Before receiving a vaccine, your Aspen Medical Group, Inc. practitioner reviews your or your child’s medical and vaccine history and may complete a physical examination. 

Using a tiny needle, your provider injects vaccines into specific areas of your body to administer dead or weak forms of a virus. You might feel a slight pinch during each injection, but it lasts for just a second.

Are there side effects associated with vaccinations?

Side effects, if any, you or your child might experience after a vaccine are usually minor. For example, you might notice a slight soreness or redness at the injection site or a low-grade fever. These and other symptoms often disappear within a day or two.

Are vaccinations right for me?

The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is entirely up to you. Your Aspen Medical Group, Inc. practitioner reviews the potential risks and benefits and answers questions you may have about specific vaccines. They work with you to develop a personalized vaccine schedule for babies and children who might require vaccinations to attend school or play sports.

To help prevent serious or deadly diseases that can affect you, your children, or an unborn baby, schedule an appointment with Aspen Medical Group, Inc. over the phone or use the online booking tool today.